49 KW solar PV Dublin

188 x 260 Wp modules installed on two flat roof levels and mounted on a ballasted Schletter mounting system. The modules are connected to the main distribution board via a 300 KW Freqcon grid stabiliser and battery storage system.

Project Stats
49 KW solar PV Dublin
Year November 2015
Location South Dublin County Council Offices, Tallaght, Dublin 24
Size 49 KW
Orientation East – West / 10°
Mounting Flat roof

6.3 KW solar PV Co.Waterford

This project consisted of a 3 phase grid tied Solar PV system comprising 25 x 250 Wp. polycrystalline modules and 3 x 1.7 KW inverters.

Project Stats
6.3 KW solar PV Co.Waterford
Client/Company Waterford Council
Year December 2013
Location Civic Offices, Tankfield, Tramore, Co.Waterford
Size 6.25 KW
Modules REC 250 Wp polycrystalline
Inverters 3 x SMA SB1700
Orientation South / 30°
Mounting Parallel to roof

10 KW wind turbine Co.Waterford

Grid tied Lely Aircon 10 KW wind turbine mounted on 15m lattice tower. Commissioned December 2009 Remote access via GSM network.

Project Stats
10 KW wind turbine Co.Waterford
Client/Company Dairy and poultry Farmer
Year 2009
Location Dunhill, Co.Waterford
Size 10 KW
Yield Circa 20,000 p.a.