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Transform your roof into a solar electricity generator with our well designed solar PV systems

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SunStream Energy - Renewable Energy

As the world moves away from fossil fuels to a completely de-carbonised energy age the need for clean dispatchable renewable energy is imminent. Deploying a range of renewable energy sources with energy storage in smart grid clusters is key to achieving this goal. SunStream Energy is at the fore-front of Irish companies leading this change.

Pioneering the Uptake of Solar Energy in Ireland Accred_ISEA_Logo

Sunstream Energy is a founding member of the Micro Electricity Generators Association (MEGA) who have been long term advocates of electricity micro-generation and the smart grid.

MEGA was established to promote the development and expansion of a world class state-of-the-art micro electricity generation industry in Ireland contributing substantially, and increasingly, to the production of electrical energy in Ireland without the use of any fuel other than that provided directly by the sun, the wind and rain, improving air quality, the environment, and substantially, and increasingly, reducing carbon emissions.

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Embedded Microgeneration in the Home, Farm & Business

SunStream Energy - Reliable Partners

SunStream Energy work closely with industry leaders who are widely established in the Irish agricultural sector and also have a long established presence in Ireland.