Lely Aircon 30 Wind Turbine

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The Lely Aircon 30 has been specifically developed to cover the internal consumption of larger consumers. The focus of the development was directed on safety, maximizing the energy yield, as well as low- noise operation.

In addition, the Lely Aircon 30 has been designed so that it is easy to service with low maintenance, in order to keep operating costs low for the customer. The Lely Aircon 30 was developed according to the requirements of the DIN EN 61400-2.

The Lely Aircon 30 includes several new and innovative features. Despite the mechanical safety features, the control of the machine includes a so called fail-safe control, so that in every situation the turbine can be stopped safely.

In case the turbine is disconnected from the grid and/or loses control to the software control unit, the blades are equipped with a blade tip brake system. This independent braking system avoids over-speed and keeps the turbine in every situation under control.

The yaw drive is controlled by two electrical motors, which interlock to each other to keep the turbine always stable in the wind. Furthermore it has massive speed advantages. The nacelle can be turned 360° in only 90s.

The Lely Aircon 30 is developed like the Lely Aircon 10, minimal moving parts to secure low maintenance and therefore low cost of ownership. A central automatic lubrication unit takes additionally care that all relevant parts are greased permanently and properly.

Lely Aircon Product Brochure